Harmony in a Cup: Our Robusta-infused Holiday Blend

In a bold departure from tradition, this year's Holiday Blend is a symphony of flavors, a result of meticulous sourcing and a commitment to global collaboration.

Pura Vida Coffee Collection: Rio Conejo

Fulcrum’s VP of Coffee, Blas Alfaro, met brothers and coffee producers Ignacio & Martin Ceciliano at the Specialty Coffee Expo five years ago. He had no idea that he was encountering pioneering micro-mill coffee farmers that would lead to a wonderful relationship and long-term partnership.

The Rise of Hybrid Coffee from Costa Rica: Pura Vida Coffee Collection

Taste and sustainability go hand-in-hand when it comes to our unique coffee experiences.

A Premium Creation

 This is the place where, according to a Snohomish tribe legend, the Creator stopped his world-building. Perfection had been achieved and, as they say, “perfect is good enough.”

The Flying Salesman and the Flying Saucer

You have to wonder what the Seattle Space Needle would look like it not for that small twist in a serious man’s unbelievable story.

Vista Bakeshop Rises in Seabrook

This small town was deliberately designed with a sustainable and walkable urban vision. One of the centerpieces of Seabrook’s Town Center is the Vista Bakeshop.

Zeitgeist’s Spirit of the Times

In a city that’s rapidly changing both physically and culturally, a coffee shop from 1997 is an outlier from the era of dial-up internet, affordable rent, and the Seattle Supersonics.

Where to See Ursa Minor in Seattle

Some evening, when the clouds clear and the night is young, brew yourself a to-go mug, and look to the skies as so many generations of humans have done. Perhaps you, too, will find inspiration there.

A Coffee Stand Where the Buffalo Roam

In the beginning, it was little more than a field filled with buffalo. That was about all there was on that stretch of 132nd St SE in unincorporated Snohomish County.

Life in a Wonderland

A moment’s pause on a busy day can remind you that we aren’t so very far removed from nature in this incredible city. The environment makes us who we are: hale and hearty rugged people.

Preserve & Gather

Open since 2015, Preserve & Gather is a lovely coffee shop nestled in the Greenwood neighborhood in Seattle on the corner of 6th and 85th. This unassuming spot would be easy to miss from the busy street, but when the door swings open, the smell of their homemade baked goods and jams is purely irresistible.

Urban City Origins – A Family Affair

We sat down for a chat with Errah Jurus, co-founder of Urban City Coffee and wife of Brian Jurus, Partner at Fulcrum Coffee, to learn the story behind the business.

Cruising at Sunset

Cruising could never be crushed, anymore than the rebellious spirit of youth. While new generations picked up the baton, those early adopters didn’t exactly give up the ghost. At least, not all of them. Read our new Sunset blend inspired story of the activities of the youth.

Honey at Dusk

Ernestine Anderson is a lesson in chasing dreams, but also having the patience to let them chase you right back. Her path to stardom was no straight line, but filled with highs, lows and unexpected swings. There was enough joy to balance the pain, and a whole lot of improvisation across a long life as compelling and complicated as Jazz itself. Read our Jazz Alley blend inspired story.

The Hidden Heart of Pike Place Market

A story of strength in diversity - read our Pike Street blend inspired story. A story about the farmers who were the beating heart of Pike Place Market. This place is a testament to hard work and determination in the face of prejudice, and to the richness and vibrancy that immigrants continue to bring to our city.

Acceptance is Revolutionary

You can learn a lot about a place and its people by spending a little time in the local hangout – whether it’s first thing in the morning or right before last call.

Hybrid Coffee

Does a hybrid coffee taste as good as or better than a non-hybrid coffee?  All three coffees are simply wonderful, and that’s the point.  We are bringing more hybrid coffees to our customers because hybrids are more sustainable.  We sincerely hope this awakens you to what some people call the future of coffee.

Our Natural Roots

Simon Forster, customer of Silver Cup Coffee and an avid outdoorsman can tell you firsthand this feeling of euphoria after a backpacking trip in the Cascades.

The Discovery Blend

Read our new Discovery Blend inspired story. If you haven’t discovered the Union Bay Natural Area, we encourage you to head that way for a walk in nature without leaving the city. You can find a trail map here, along with more information about this unique destination. For a little inspiration while you sip your morning coffee, scroll through Chris’s photos of the PNW and the birds of Union Bay.

Silver Cup Brand Story

We’re collecting stories of the heroes and misanthropes, leaders, poets and legends who looked past the rugged, challenging landscape and saw the gleam of inspiration. Something about this place seems to hone greatness and, with all due respect to the past, your story is as much a part of that PNW future history as is ours. The work you do, day in and out, is a shining thread in a much larger tapestry. At Silver Cup, our simple goal is to provide the fuel to keep you moving forward. We see a hot cup of coffee as the silver lining on a rainy morning in January, when it feels like the sun won’t rise until noon.

The Gypsy Queen

Unbeknown to most is the romantic history of these lookouts and the way that they have impacted Pacific Northwest culture as we know it.

Spirit of Seattle

Big cities across the globe have had their share of trials and tribulations, decades of struggle that add character to every cobblestone or brick you walk past. Though Seattle is not the first city to experience hardship, it has its own unique journey that makes it stand out among the rest. What many are unaware of is the history that lies within the shadow of glamour and the immense struggles this city has overcome, only to rise stronger than before.

Winning a City by Losing a Coin Toss

For Captain Ballard in 1890, one silly little coin granted him 160 acres of land and initiated the development of one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhoods.

Washington’s Snow Bowl Hut

It is easy to imagine the mystical feeling that comes with spending a night amidst the complete darkness of the night and the perfect silence of the snow. 

The Poets of the Mountain Lookouts

Unbeknown to most is the romantic history of these lookouts and the way that they have impacted Pacific Northwest culture as we know it.

Hybrid Coffee Box

We paired two new hybrid coffee varietals with one of our favorite non-hybrid varietals, a typica from producer Oscar Chacón in Central Valley, Costa Rica.

The Independence Cha-Cha

Maybe the wellbeing of any modern society depends on its ability to adapt to outside cultural forces and use them in novel ways?

Trio Tailors

While working through the red dirt streets of the village, Blas passed three young men in their twenties sitting with a sewing machine, in a single room hut by the road.

Seattle’s Caffeinated History

Much of what makes Seattle’s coffee scene unusual is the willingness of people here to shun the ordinary.

The Mirabelle Plum Queen

Why would we leave the bustle of Paris to spend two weeks in a small town called Metz?

“A Beautiful Tomorrow”

From the vantage point on the hill where the dancers clapped and sang, Blas and his fellow travelers saw Lake Kivu.

Al Hostak

Al Hostak, a little boy with a stutter, seemed like easy pickings for rough kids looking for a victim.

On the Wonderland Trail

This blend was inspired by the rugged nature of the Pacific Northwest.

Visibility in the Dark

 This street, to us, depicts the struggles, victories, and losses of the minority communities and people of Seattle as well as the United States. 

Civic Field Lights

Like the city of Seattle, Sunset comes alive after things get dark, like the bold and smoky reminiscence of this blend. 

Of June Hogs

Once, not too long ago, you could walk across a given river around here on the backs of salmon. The annual fish runs were thick, the waterways packed with living, moving silver. 

Out of Left Field

Two left-handed guitarists picked up their six strings and changed the way that people had listened to music. 

Coffee for the 21st Century

The rising temperatures of climate change have impacted coffee farms across the globe. 

International Brew

Scott Katsma, head cider-maker at Seattle Cider Co., is a restless experimenter. He works on a new recipe almost every week, mixing flavors and ingredients with Washington-grown apples.

Stephen Kiptrotich, Champion

Stephen Kiptrotich was born the seventh son of sweet potato farmers in rural Uganda. He missed three years of school as a kid due to an undiagnosed illness. 

Pike Place Market – A History

Seattle’s most iconic tourist attraction was the battleground for a grassroots revolution, sparked by the price of onions.

The Ladies that Sewed Seattle Back Together

 Like the city of Seattle, Sunset comes alive after things get dark, like the bold and smoky reminiscence of this blend. 

When The Sky Hung Low

When the clouds hang in the sky for too many days, there is a general sense of oppression that settles over even native North-westerners.

Bear and the Steelhead

Read our Ursa Minor Blend inspired story below, where we dive into the historic and nostalgic ways of the forests before modern civilization was all the land knew.

Great Coffee on Beacon Hill

Community is everything to Luis Rodriquez and his community is quickly changing.

Jackson Street & Food for the Soul

Seattle was born with an independent spirit, that may be why prohibition could never take more than a tenuous hold here.

Bertha Climbs To New Heights

Climbing up glaciers and crossing chasms in an ankle-length wool skirt isn’t for the faint of heart, after all.