Vista Bakeshop Rises in Seabrook

Vista Bakeshop Rises in Seabrook

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of the small town of Seabrook, Washington. That’s understandable. The small community of about 475 homes was intentionally founded in 2004 on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula, just north of the popular vacation destination of Ocean Shores.

A Town with a Vision

This small town was deliberately designed with a sustainable and walkable urban vision. One of the centerpieces of Seabrook’s Town Center is the Vista Bakeshop.

Vista is owned and operated by Grace Bryan and Kameron Kurashima. Between them, the couple has an impressive culinary resume, having worked at Seattle icons like Canlis, Sea Wolf Bakers, and Temple Pastries, as well as Modern in New York City.

Grace and Kameron were working at Canlis when they first heard about Seabrook and its need for a bakery. The founder of Seabrook, Casey Roloff, came into Canlis. He mentioned to the server that he had a vacant bakery space in Seabrook — was there anyone at Canlis who would be willing to take over the lease?

Grace and Kameron decided to take that leap and relocate to Seabrook, some three hours away from Seattle. They opened Vista Bakeshop in the midst of the pandemic. It was a time when many folks were figuring out that they could live most anywhere and create their own type of work. Vista joined several other intentional restaurants and breweries in Seabrook’s Town Center and made a name for itself amongst locals by serving up signature goods like Savory Morning Bun with Broccoli Raab & Provolone, Twice Baked Almond Croissant, and Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Toffee Pieces and Sea Salt.

The couple put in grinding 16-hour workdays to get the business off the ground. Their dedication shines through in their adorable interior and Instagrammable pastries that beg to be admired before they’re devoured.

Of course, the perfect pastry must be complimented with an equally delicious coffee. From the start, Vista began serving Fulcrum Coffee — both serving up espresso and offering bags of roasted beans to go.

“We love working with Fulcrum,” says Cameron Karashima. “I can’t believe our luck of working with a company that has such a full service and comes with anything that we need. It’s so helpful.”

Vista is currently undergoing a remodel and expansion, adding a full indoor dining area to its current 900 sq. ft. business space. Big things lie ahead for this small but mighty startup. The seaside sky is the limit for this bakery that puts delicious craftsmanship first, elevating a small business on the sandy shores of the West Coast to world-class status.


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