Aeropress Brewing Guide

Coffee: 18g
Grind: Fine (slightly finer than table salt)
Water: 240g 90° C / 194° F
Total Brew Time: 3.5 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 1 cup


1. Wet the filter in the cap and screw on.
2. Place the aeropress on an empty vessel and fill with 18g of ground coffee.


3. Pour 60g of hot water over the ground coffee. Start the timer and stir or swirl the coffee.
4. After 30 seconds has passed add the rest of the water steadily.
5. Now that the brew time is at 1 min, secure the plunger to the top of the aeropress but do not press down yet. Wait 2 minutes for the coffee to brew.


6. Press down once the timer reaches 3:00. Stop pressing down once you hear the hissing sound of air.