A beautiful harmony of fruit flavors —
you will want to fill your cup over and over again


Jazz Alley Nights

“Before grunge, there was jazz.”


Ejo Heza – A Beautiful Tomorrow

From the vantage point on the hill where the dancers clapped and sang, Blas and his fellow travelers saw Lake Kivu. The lake is the region’s defining feature: a source of food, the regulator of weather, a means of transportation. It looked like a mirror. It was hard to tell where the green hills ended and the islands of Lake Kivu began.


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Lake Kivu Art Print

”After peeking through the story about Rwanda, I knew I wanted to illustrate Lake Kivu…the lake is the center of a vibrant and thriving community – a community that takes pride in its capacity to cooperate and work with the land to suit its needs…“

— Sierra Rozario, Artist

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