Chemex Brewing Guide

Coffee: 35g
Grind: Medium coarse (Slightly finer than sea salt)
Water: 600g 95°C / 203°F
Total Brew Time: 5 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 2 cups


1. Place thicker wall of the filter against the spout. Wet the filter in the Chemex cone and dispose of water.
2. Place 35g of ground coffee into the filter and tap the sides of the cone to level out the bed of ground.
3. Zero out the scale.


4. Pour 100g of water. Start the timer and stir ensuring all the grounds are wet.
5. Wait 30 seconds for coffee to de-gas.


6. Pour 200g of water. Grab the brewer and swirl gently in a circular motion.
7. Pour 300g of water. Perform a gentle swirl once again.


8. Drain time will take 3-5 min.
9. Let drain entirely.