Frankie & Jo’s

Frankie & Jo’s

At Fulcrum, we value creative collaborations. Meet our new partners at Frankie & Jo’s. We’re excited to share their story (and ice cream) with you.

Frankie & Jo’s is a plant-based ice cream company. They have two scoop shops in Seattle and ship their ice cream nationwide to fans in places like New York and California. Their 100% vegan ice cream contains ingredients that come from plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers. The F & J shops have a sunny, beautiful California vibe. It’s the kind of place where you want to stop and get a cone, even when it’s cold. 

Every month Frankie & Jo’s introduces three new flavors of ice cream. Last spring they debuted a popular seasonal flavor of ice cream called Mexico Morning. Mexico Morning is a creamy mixture of cashew milk, coconut milk, cinnamon, almond shortbread, and Mexican coffee beans. It tastes like creamy horchata and cinnamon-y cookies dipped in café au lait. The ice cream blend was so good that the company brought it back this year.

It’s the kind of place where you want to stop and get a cone, even when it’s cold.

Organic Mexican coffee can be surprisingly hard to find, even in Seattle.

Fulcrum Coffee Roasters, however, had the beans that Frankie & Jo’s sought. F & J and Fulcrum were excited to discover that they shared similar missions. Both companies care about local collaborations, farmers, and the stories behind their products.

It was a beautiful match: Fulcrum supplying the specially-roasted Mexican coffee for Frankie & Jo’s delicious ice cream. They’ve teamed up to create something greater than the sum of its parts: a plant-based ice cream that tastes like delicious coffee and cream. A sunny vibe in a cone. Yeah, we know… is your mouth watering yet?


About the Coffee 

The organic coffee used in Mexico Morning is from Chiapas, Mexico. It’s grown at San Fernando, an ejido-style cooperative. The San Fernando farmers have begun planting assorted coffee varieties at various elevations. This is to create crop resilience against “la roya,” a widespread coffee plant disease.

To help celebrate the release of Mexico Morning ice cream, Fulcrum is offering giveaways on Instagram for coffee and ice cream. Follow @fulcrumcoffeeroasters to find out how you can win delicious prizes.

Follow Frankie & Jo’s on social @frankieandjos.


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