A Premium Creation


A Premium Creation

When you start with premium ingredients, you’re already half-way to a premium creation. The other half, though, that’s up to you.

Harriet Bullitt was born with the best of everything. Her father, C.D. Stimson, owned the largest sawmill in Seattle and that made him a powerful man of his time. The one-armed, cigar smoking timber baron cut an imposing figure and instilled in his daughter a determined nature that would serve her well long after his untimely death. He taught Harriet to swim by looping a rope around her and dropping her off a boat, and she learned that she was capable of anything. A rich girl whose neighbors had names like Boeing, Bogle and Baillargeon, she could easily have led a life of thoughtless leisure. But that’s not really the Northwest way.

Instead, Harriet chose to pursue a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Washington – the first and only woman at the school. It didn’t go well. She was banned from the library because her very existence was deemed too “distracting to the men students.” The world wasn’t going to make it easy for Harriet to follow her path, money or no. It was a circuitous route to finishing school; after years of “real life” in Germany, Boston, and then Florida, she eventually returned to earn a degree in natural science at the UW. From her studies, a passion was sparked for the Northwest that would define the rest of her life. For her next big act, she published Pacific Search, a journal for amateur naturalists that eventually morphed in Pacific Northwest magazine.

Our Inspiration for the Southpaw Blend

Cutting Her Own Path

From a timber baron’s daughter to a tireless environmentalist, Harriet cut her own path and set out to save the world – starting with the Pacific Northwest! To this day, she channels her energy and her fortune into protecting what she can of the rugged, remarkable landscape we love. She and her sister began the Bullitt Foundation with the goal of safeguarding the environment by promoting sustainable communities and fostering healthier intersections of humanity and nature. Many of the programs and grants from the Bullitt Foundation focused on the Pacific Northwest Emerald Corridor directly impact us, ranging from the designs and materials used in building housing to eliminating usage of fossil fuels or admission of greenhouse gasses in our Seattle neighborhoods.

As she says, “The strongest human emotion there could be is a sense of place.” That ethos was the impetus behind the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. When 67 acres of neighboring land went up for sale, Harriet jumped at the opportunity – not just to preserve the land and the historical buildings, but to create a place where people and nature could coexist in restorative harmony. Designed for work and recreation, but always with sustainability and the environment in mind, it is the embodiment of the mission set by the Bullitt sisters’ foundation.

We’re all shaped by our environments and our opportunities. Harriet had more opportunities than most, and she made the most of them. A world-class fencer, a flamenco dancer, a pilot, a tug-boat captain, a wife many times over, a mother and grandmother and an unstoppable philanthropist. Much like the Pacific Northwest itself, Bullitt is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Few of us have the practical resources Harriet Bullitt was born into, but we share the mountains and the trees of the Northwest, plus the lakes and skyscrapers of Seattle. This is a landscape that encourages independence and rewards both creativity and determination. We hope our Urban City Espresso Blend will fuel your next adventure, or give you the boost you need to carve your own path in this crazy world.

Visit Harriet’s Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth, Washington and uncover the rich story behind their passion for environmental sustainability and dedication to supporting nature and the arts in Leavenworth.

Brewing Guide

Below are some basic recipes outlining what we found produced the best cup with this coffee, however we encourage each home brewer to experiment and modify these recipes to suite their own tastes.

Moka Pot Brewing Guide

Coffee: 15g
Grind: Fine (slightly finer than table salt)
Water: 100g 91°C – 99°C/196°F – 210°F
Total Brew Time: 4 Minutes and 20 Seconds
Yieldes appx. 2 cups


1. Fill the bottom half with water till just under the pressure valve. (100g. Filling with preheated water will speed up our brewing)
2. Place 15g of ground coffee into the filter evenly (fill filter completely and level off even if under 18g. do not pack the coffee).
3. Tap the sides of the filter and level out the coffee grounds.
4. Insert the filter and screw on the top half and place on the burner/heat.


5. Pay close attention to the center spout. Once coffee begins to appear start your timer to record brew time. Once the even stream of coffee begins to sputter, pull the pot from the heat and serve/store in another vessel promptly.


6. Measure brew time as the start time when coffee begins to appear and end time when it begins to sputter.

Espresso Brewing Guide




26 sec

brewed mass


Notes: Distribute the ground coffee evenly in the portafilter basket. Tamp straight down with approximately 30lbs of pressure leaving a flat and even bed of coffee in the portafilter. Review your brew recipe, pull your shot of espresso. Adjust grind finer/coarser to increase/decrease brew time. Results will vary due to machine/grinder differences. Explore taste results at +/- 3 seconds in relation to the recipe time to find the best taste at home.