On the Wonderland Trail


Our Inspiration for the Wonderland Blend

Wonderland is an earthy and smooth blend with bold tones and light notes of black tea and brown sugar cinnamon. This blend was inspired by the rugged nature of the Pacific Northwest. The creators took a spin on this blend when roasting it lightly, incorporating the airiness and brightness of the snowy winter forests. Wonderland is brought to life by a coffee from Honduras – near the Cerro Azul Mountains. The incredible bio-diversity of the region is where this crop calls home. The coffee from these foothills are often bold and nutty making them a unique bean and crop to this region. Read our Wonderland inspired story below, where only the bravest muster the courage to wonder near one of natures most breath-taking features.

The Wonderland Trail

“We were promptly swallowed up in the surging crowds of ordinary mortals who know not the mountains, the glaciers, the big forests, the roaring cataracts, the thrilling climb, the soul-expanding view, and who never lived for three glorious weeks above the clouds.”
– Excerpt from The Mountaineer, volume 8, December 1915.

Most days, Mount Rainier is felt more than seen, her figure shrouded in mist. Thousands each year brave unpredictable northwest weather to ascend this, the most heavily glaciated peak in the contiguous United States. Thousands more set out to hike the famed Wonderland trail. But for every climb and every trail, there are those souls who took great risks to be the first. Cleared piece by piece by the park’s first rangers, and dotted with patrol cabins, a 130-mile trail was cut around the entire circumference of Mount Rainier. For rangers, this sweeping path was key to fire defense, and the rustic shelters along its length were stocked with both fire-fighting equipment and provisions.

These same park rangers were among the very few who braved the trail’s farthest reaches in the dead of winter when reaching a well-stocked cabin would be the difference between salvation and tragedy. When the trail was finally completed, it was a newly formed outdoors group, still operating today, who would be the first to attempt hiking it in its entirety.

Seattle’s own Mountaineers, adventurous men and women, arrived at the foot of Mount Rainier on a clear midsummer day in 1915, with “hobbed” boots and heavy bags calked against the damp. No small club, this was a boisterous crowd of hundred dedicated hikers, climbers, and nature photographers, all gathered to christen what promised to be an exceptional new trail. Their excitement was palpable as they set out. Over three weeks, the group dedicated themselves to exploring the entire circumference of the “Monarch of the Sound”.

In the years that followed, the trail was made both shorter and higher, edited to prioritize the awe-inspiring vistas discovered by the early adventurers. In 1920 it was finally named the Wonderland Trail, in praise of its breathtaking beauty and singular views.

Today, at 93 strenuous miles, it’s still one of the most popular attractions on the mountain. Thousands set foot on the Wonderland Trail each year, but only the truly dedicated will see it all.

Brewing Guide

Below are some basic recipes outlining what we found produced the best cup with this coffee, however we encourage each home brewer to experiment and modify these recipes to suite their own tastes.

French Press Brewing Guide

Coffee: 40g
Grind: Medium coarse (Slightly finer than sea salt)
Water: 600g 93°C/199°F
Total Brew Time: 15 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 2 cups


1. Preheat the French press by filling it with hot water
2. After heating the French press, dump the water out and fill with ground coffee.


3. Pour all of the hot water over the ground coffee. Start the timer and stir for 30 seconds.
4. Secure the top with the filter pulled up. Wait for the coffee to brew.
5. When the timer reaches 5:00 remove the top, stir briefly, and secure top back on.
6. Wait an additional 10 minutes. Press the filter down and decant the coffee into mugs to serve or another vessel.