The Mirabelle Plum Queen


Our Urban City Canned Cold Brew

Our Urban City Cold Brew is an extension of our brands promise to bring you the nostalgic coffee flavors of the greater Seattle area. The dark and developed roast blends with the smooth and rich flavors that are embodied in this drink. Our cold brew offers tastes that are perfectly balanced between great body and low acidity, leaving you energized and content. This blend includes a tasting note of Mirabelle Plum; a flavor that is encapsulated with nostalgia and a legacy that coincides with the spirit of our brand. Read an Urban City Cold Brew inspired story below, told from the perspective of a young girl living in modern day France. Discover her point of view and experience of the Mirabelle Plum, something not many people in the world ever do.

The Mirabelle Plum Queen

Three hours in a car feels like a long time when there is nothing to see besides the grass hills that seem to roll on forever. With the absence of cobblestone and buildings that are packed tightly together, the countryside did not resemble Paris in the slightest. I would have believed you if you told me we had left France entirely. After what seemed like an eternity, maman turned around to ask if I was excited, but in all honesty, I was confused. Why would we leave the bustle of Paris to spend two weeks in a small town called Metz? I felt devastated to leave behind my daily bike rides through the Jardin du Luxembourg, feeding the ducks along the Seine, and missing my best friends 16th birthday party. But, as maman explained, le Fête de la Mirabelle is a celebration that we were lucky to be a part of.

The Mirabelle Plum is a fruit that is banned from being grown in other countries such as the United States. With true Mirabelles only being grown in the Lorraine region of France, importing them around the world is not only tricky, but often completely banned together. In Metz, the major city of the Lorraine region, they take pride in their prized plum, producing fruits whose unique flavors are desired around the globe. Here in France, it is used to make dates, desserts, and even wine. I had never tried one before, but I found it hard to believe that one piece of fruit could be worth an entire festival. 

Our Inspiration for the Southpaw Blend

As we neared the end of our drive, I began to see the vast landscape wrap itself around a little town; we were arriving in Metz. We approached the Gothic cathedral St Etienne and the streets began to fill with people and music. I stepped out of the car and into an atmosphere that was full of joy and celebration. The next fourteen days were filled with excitement. Gigantic parade floats with brightly colored flowers that matched the shade of the Mirabelle Plum, street vendors selling the most delicious treats, firework displays, live music, and nearly 80,000 people came together to celebrate their prized Mirabelle Plum. I became mesmerized by the bright colors, intense flavors, rich sounds, and the bonheur that was embedded throughout every aspect of this tradition. On the last day, the people of Metz even crowned their Mirabelle Queen, and I watched as a gorgeous woman in the most beautiful gown I had ever seen receive her sparkling tiara. From the flavors in every recipe that was sold to the decor that overflowed into the streets, all aspects of this festival carried the essence of the plum — and it was beautiful.

As we prepared to return home to Paris, I stepped into the car feeling tired and full of blissful memories. Before our departure, papa told me he had one last surprise left as he reached for something in his coat pocket. He presented me with a small, yellow, plump piece of fruit — my very first Mirabelle Plum. Taking a bite filled my mouth with the sweetness of the plum’s juice and provided a refreshing treat on a warm August day. I had never tasted anything so delicious and I suddenly became aware of how lucky I was. Lucky to call France home and to have the opportunity to eat these special plums as I pleased; lucky to have been able to participate in a festival that was rooted in joy and such a rich heritage. As we headed back through the French countryside, I felt myself enjoying the view as I drifted to sleep, dreaming about the Mirabelle Queen and the day that I would get to taste one of the sweet plums again.

Urban City Cold Brew
Urban City Cold Brew

Urban City Cold Brew


Full-bodied, smooth and satiny with mirabelle plum notes.
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