Pura Vida Coffee Collection: Hacienda Sonora

Pura Vida Coffee Collection: Hacienda Sonora

All aspects of their operation, from processing coffee to offering housing to their employees, demonstrate their commitment. Sonora helps us fulfill our mission of sustainability on a holistic scale. We believe that building and fostering long-term relationships that set growers up for long-term success allows producers like Sonora to better serve their own communities.

Diego Guardia is a farmer, father, and friend of ours. Diego’s passion shines through his work. He understands that their coffee is more than just a product but a reflection of his family’s heritage. His father, Don Alfonso, taught him the importance of hard work and the value of the land. This is why Diego is passionate about growing their coffee in an ethical and sustainable way. He wants to pass on these values to the next generations.

The mill specializes in producing high-quality specialty coffee through sustainable farming methods. The volcanic soil, high altitude, and unique microclimate of the region combined with the skill of the farmers result in delicious and distinctive coffee. They prioritize conservation and efficiency by using natural and honey processing methods for all their coffees. Despite being more time-consuming, these methods save a lot of water compared to traditional washing methods. The farm operates solely on 100% renewable energy harvested on-site, reducing its footprint and dependence on fossil fuels. The energy generated even provides free electricity for some of the people who live and work on the farm. This green energy is harvested from a natural water stream through the Pelton Wheel, a special turbine that creates power from water pressure. The farm continues to explore additional ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Another way Sonora Coffee is committed to sustainability is by maintaining a diverse array of plant species on their land. The mill’s 250 acre farm is not solely dedicated to coffee plants; it also encompasses sugar cane, forest reserves, exotic trees, and various vegetation. It is Sonora’s goal to improve the volcanic lands by creating a biodiverse ecosystem.

Fulcrum Coffee is particular about its coffee sourcing partnerships. We prefer to work with mills such as Sonora, who follow sustainable practices that benefit the entire coffee chain. As part of our visit to Sonora last fall, we aimed to gain a deeper understanding of their activities, learn more about their future for coffee, and possibly provide guidance for their success.


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