Silver Cup Brand Story

Silver Cup Brand Story

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, an adventurer’s playground and a coffee-drinker’s paradise. This is the place where, according to a Snohomish tribe legend, the Creator stopped his world-building. Perfection had been achieved and, as they say, “perfect is good enough.”

When Silver Cup formed in 1995, Dawnette was the very first barista, slinging espresso at the very first cafe. It seemed like a great gig on her way to a “real job” but cream has a way of rising to the top. 27 years and counting later, Dawnette is our Senior Account Manager, keeping that original Silver Cup spark alive. She’d tell you she loves the industry, the human interaction and customer service. We’d tell you Dawnette embodies the culture of hard work, loyalty and service at the heart of Silver Cup. It was the tireless drive of folks like Dawnette who built this company, and our entire neck of the woods, up from a dream to a destination.

Change is Brewing

Local boxing legend Al Hostak would be the first to tell you nothing worth having comes without a fight. The Pacific Northwest isn’t the place for anyone who’s afraid of doing hard things. A spirit of adventure and determination holds sway here, where we keep pushing forward and pushing boundaries to find the silver lining in every gray day.  Whether it’s the building and rebuilding of cities on top of cities, turning timber into gold, or redefining what it means to grab a cup of coffee on your way to work, we’re not afraid to do things a little differently. It’s not for everyone, this cold, wet and rugged landscape, but we’ll always make room at the table for like minded souls who couldn’t live anywhere else.

Break Fresh Ground

There’s no end to the stories of survival and success in the PNW, but no story (and no place) would be much without its characters. As it happens, we’ve got characters aplenty in these parts from entrepreneuring “seamstresses” to civic leaders. Seattle had the first female mayor of a major American city in Bertha Knight Landes, but her path to that peak wasn’t her first climb. She was among the ranks on the first expedition to take on the Wonderland Trail on the slopes of Mount Rainier. There’s a reason Seattle named it’s 57-foot-diameter tunnel-boring machine after Bertha, who made it a habit to do a few impossible things before breakfast whether her coffee was brewing in the percolator or over a campfire. Northwesterners take the phrase “it can’t be done” as fightin’ words.

Fuel Your Creativity

That drive holds true for our artists as well. Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix, whose creativity fueled musical revolutions were both products of the PNW. They weren’t about to let humble beginnings get in the way of changing the world any more than Bertha was going to let wool skirts get in the way of reaching for the mountaintop. Beat poets like Jack Kerouac changed their lives and shaped a generation with little more than a Fire Lookout and a notebook. We work with what we’ve got around here. If it doesn’t look like much, then we work a little harder. If we can’t see the silver lining yet, we dig a little deeper. At Silver Cup, we like to keep things simple. You don’t need a barista with a PhD to fuel your next adventure. You just need a strong cup of coffee and a view of the mountains.

Find Your Silver Lining

We’re collecting stories of the heroes and misanthropes, leaders, poets and legends who looked past the rugged, challenging landscape and saw the gleam of inspiration. Something about this place seems to hone greatness and, with all due respect to the past, your story is as much a part of that PNW future history as is ours. The work you do, day in and out, is a shining thread in a much larger tapestry. At Silver Cup, our simple goal is to provide the fuel to keep you moving forward. We see a hot cup of coffee as the silver lining on a rainy morning in January, when it feels like the sun won’t rise until noon. Stop in for a smile and a little fresh brewed heaven, then get out there and write your story.

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