Spirit of Seattle

Spirit of Seattle

The Unique Journey

Big cities across the globe have had their share of trials and tribulations, decades of struggle that add character to every cobblestone or brick you walk past. Though Seattle is not the first city to experience hardship, it has its own unique journey that makes it stand out among the rest. With its origin as a city of misfits, Seattle has birthed left-handed eclectic superstars such as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain but also lesser known lefty boxer Al Hostak. What many are unaware of is the history that lies within the shadow of glamour and the immense struggles this city has overcome, only to rise stronger than before.

Within The Skyline

The spirit of this city lives within its skyline; shiny new skyscrapers and historic landmarks sit side by side, mirroring the intricate history of Seattle and the stories that have made her who she is. Surprisingly enough, the largest and most modern buildings do not take away from the magnificence of Seattle’s oldest and most historic, but rather supplement each other in a way that lets people know Seattle is both resilient and beautiful. The Industrial Revolution, for example, changed the course of the world and Seattle has since become known for safeguarding an old coal plant from this period in time. Gasworks Park, a world-renowned public park on the north end of Lake Union, is the sole survivor of this era. This park has been beautifully preserved and now serves the city as a place of both remembrance and recreation.

“The site was a toxic, inhospitable environment that evolved into one of the first post industrial landscapes to be transformed into a public park. “ Gas Works Park (Seattle) – HistoryLink.org  

The artistry of Gasworks Park is paralleled throughout Seattle within innovative and alluring architecture. Established in 1890, the Seattle Public Library is another significant landmark that reflects the enduring essence of the city. This library has it’s long list of historically significant events that have caused it to become one of the most distinctive buildings in the downtown area. After being displaced around the city more than ten times, burning down to the ground on multiple occasions, and a declaration of bankruptcy, it would be an understatement to say that the struggle for the city’s library was not an easy one. Yet despite all of these misfortunes, the collection of books was saved over and over by Seattelites, successfully preserving the library and enabling it to grow into what it is today: 28 branches around the city that hold 2.3 million items.

The most important thing to recognize about both Gas Works Park and the Seattle Public Library is that though they are structures that have been in distressing situations, they still stand today. These structures have defied all odds, only because the ‘misfits’ of Seattle had both courage and willpower, characterizing them for their strength and resilience. These are the tendencies of the spirit of Seattle; growing stronger still among the unprecedented seasons that come with each changing decade.

We hope you are inspired to discover more about the enduring character of Seattle and the rich history that reveals how resilient this city is. Seattle is full of monuments that are waiting to be uncovered, so whether you have lived here your whole life or are just stopping by for the day, we encourage you to take advantage of these wonders. Seattle Gas Works Park is open from 6am to 10pm. Perfect for drinking your morning coffee on top of the grassy knoll, or an evening picnic in the designated event area. You can find a public library branch in most neighborhoods around the city, however, the central branch on the corner of 4th and Madison is a sight to see.

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