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Snoho Mojo Subscription

Snoho Mojo Subscription

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A bold, full-bodied blend with hazelnut, macadamia and blackberry notes.



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Sumatra, Central America, South America, Africa


‘South of the King Done Magic’

Snoho Mojo is a plan on ‘Sodo Mojo’ – a phrase that’s been used around Seattle’s baseball team, literally meaning ‘South of the [King] Done Magic’. It’s been remade into a statement of pride for Snohomish County, the vast wooded area a few miles north of Seattle. On the edge of the Puget Sound and full of forests, mountains and rivers, Snohomish Country has a quintessential Pacific Northwest landscape.

The Magic of Sumantran Coffee

The magic of Snoho Mojo comes from the spicy fully-bodied Sumantran coffee we’ve selected for this blend. Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world. It straddles the equator and offers a truly unique coffee.

Beans from the Mandheling region in Eastern Sumatra have distinct bluish color that comes from the minerals (and lack thereof) in the soil. Sumatran coffee is distinct for the way in which it’s “wet hulled.” The locals call this process giling basah and it results in a coffee that’s exported with 12-14% moisture. Wet-hulled beans, when brewing, have a deep cream color. Sumatran coffee often has an earthy, spicy flavor with a heavy body and low acidity.

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