Urban Espresso
Urban Espresso

Espresso, Medium, Nutty/Cocoa, Spices, Urban City

Urban City

Urban Espresso


A balanced, smooth-bodied blend with roasted nut, chocolate and spicy notes

Medium roast

Remarks: We roast our coffee every Monday and Wednesday to ship every Wednesday and Friday. PLEASE note the cut-off time for placing orders will be 10am every Monday for Wednesday shipment, and 10am on Wednesday for Friday shipment

Urban Espresso

12 oz Whole Bean

Tasting Notes: A balanced, smooth-bodied blend with roasted nut, chocolate and spicy notes.
Roast Level: Medium roast
Origins: Mexico, Central America, Africa

Our Urban Espresso

Urban Espresso is a blend for the urbanites on the move, the workers and makers, the bus riders and bicyclists. The smooth and spicy blend keeps your day rolling. The nutty robust flavor is something you can sip on throughout your day and into the overtime hours when you need to keep your feet moving to get it done. To learn more about Seattle’s Caffeinated History, read our story.

Urban Espresso and our beans from Mexico

Urban Espresso gets its life from Mexico. The Chiapas region. The Mexican coffee we add in helps to accentuate the blend’s distinctive nuttiness flavor. Chiapas, Mexico is on fertile land – pumice-heavy, with ash spilled from a nearby volcano. The distinctive nutty flavor of Chiapas’s coffee comes from both the soil here and the coffee varietals grown, which include Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra, and Maragogype.

Chiapas, Mexico is not what you might expect. The region lies just to the north of Guatemala – it’s a humid, tropical region of former rain forests. It looks like a place off a coffee bag: cloud forests populated by quetzal birds with multicolored plumage. Rainfall here reaches 120 inches a year. Lush, and hot.

The Chiapas coffee mixes into the Urban Espresso blend nicely, bringing a balanced, smooth body with roasted nut, chocolate, and spicy notes. We chose to treat this coffee to a medium roast, creating a pleasing cup you’d want to sip on around the clock. The Urban Espresso blend also includes coffees from origins in South America, East Africa, and Mexico.

Brewing Guide

Fill the basket holder with coffee and level. Brew time will vary if using a different style Moka pot. This recipe was done using a 2-cup Bialetti Brikka model moka pot.

Moka Pot Brewing Guide

Coffee: 15g
Grind: Very fine (slightly coarser than espresso)
Water: 100ml
Total Brew Time: ~4min (Heat), 20s (Brew)
Yieldes appx. .5 cups


1. Fill the bottom half with water till just under the pressure valve. (135g. Filling with preheated water will speed up our brewing)
2. Place 18g of ground coffee into the filter evenly (fill filter completely and level off even if under 18g. do not pack the coffee).
3. Tap the sides of the filter and level out the coffee grounds.
4. Insert the filter and screw on the top half and place on the burner/heat.


5. Pay close attention to the center spout. Once coffee begins to appear start your timer to record brew time. Once the even stream of coffee begins to sputter, pull the pot from the heat and serve/store in another vessel promptly.


6. Measure brew time as the start time when coffee begins to appear and end time when it begins to sputter.

Espresso Brewing Guide




26 sec

brewed mass


Notes: Distribute the ground coffee evenly in the portafilter basket. Tamp straight down with approximately 30lbs of pressure leaving a flat and even bed of coffee in the portafilter. Review your brew recipe, pull your shot of espresso. Adjust grind finer/coarser to increase/decrease brew time. Results will vary due to machine/grinder differences. Explore taste results at +/- 3 seconds in relation to the recipe time to find the best taste at home.

Discover the Inspiration Behind the Blend

Below are some basic recipes outlining what we found produced the best cup with this coffee, however we encourage each home brewer to experiment and modify these recipes to suite their own tastes.