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Silver Cup Subscription

Silver Cup Subscription

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Curated selection of Silver Cup coffees delivered as often as you like.

Our Silver Cup Brand

The Pacific Northwest is our idea-source. How could it not be? It surrounds us daily in grandeur. And, as early mountaineers knew, it’s a Wonderland. We followed our own path through the region, seeking inspiration for our coffee blends.

What we found were a series of surprises. Nobody expected the following scenarios.

Someone put a UFO on long steel legs and called it the Space Needle. An immigrant child grew up in the mean streets of a pioneer city and learned to box his way to greatness. A mysterious man boarded a plane, ordered a stiff drink, and vanished into thin air.

The PNW becomes us in our work. We are also trying to create something you wouldn’t think of, an unexpected surprise. We do this by marrying diverse beans and roasts into novel forms of flavor. These are our Silver Cup Coffee blends, curated for unexpected pleasure as you navigate your trail.

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