Toddy Brewing Guide

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Coffee: 12oz (340 g)
Grind: Coarse grind
Water: 8 cups (64oz)
Total Brew Time: 12-24 hours
Yieldes appx. 36oz concentrate / 100oz finished


1. First, insert the stopper into the outside bottom of the brewing container; then, dampen the disc-shaped felt filter and insert it into the inside bottom of the brewing container.
2. Next, open the top of your paper filter bag and place the bag into the brewing container. Pour 12 ounces (340 g) of coarse-ground coffee into the bag, followed by 8 cups (64 fl. oz./1.9 L) of water.
3. Stir coffee grounds gently with a spoon or spatula to ensure even saturation. Tightly twist the top of the bag to close it.


4. Steep your coffee grounds at room temperature 8 to 24 hours to create a smooth, rich flavor.


5. Remove the stopper and let your coffee concentrate flow into the glass decanter.
6. Remove and discard the paper filter and coffee grounds.


7. We recommend starting with a ratio of 1 part coffee concentrate to 2 parts water or milk.

Notes: Coffee concentrate will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator.