The Living Café

The Living Café

The Pursuit of Pleasure

When Seattle redefined the coffee industry, it was always about more than the roast. Drinking coffee, in any form or place, is an opportunity for pleasure, relaxation, contemplation, or simply a quiet moment in a very loud world. We believe strongly that the beans we choose and the method of brewing make a big difference but, when we aim to elevate that moment to a memorable, full-body experience – the setting is every bit as critical. When new and beautiful furnishings magically appear at our cafes, it’s no accident. Our goal is to add an unexpected moment of surprise and delight to your day. Our choices in setting the stage for pleasure tell the story of our commitment to our customer’s experience. Part cafe, part art gallery, designed to delight in every sense. Stop in for a mini-break and spend a moment in modern luxury with an exceptional cup of coffee.

We’re happy to note, if you find our sense of style appealing, these high-design pieces are available for your own home. Read on about the concept behind our space and the intention behind each unique piece of furniture.

The Living Café Concept: Memo Furniture x Fulcrum Coffee

Memo x Fulcrum is a living café concept conceived in partnership with Seattle-based Memo Furniture and industry partners Maharam, Flos, and Stille. Through a carefully curated ensemble of design-forward products, Memo x Fulcrum aims to pioneer an approach to café interiors that blends artful, contemporary furnishings and premium coffee into a dynamic, inspiring experience.

Memo x Fulcrum has introduced the following 4 different Living Café Concepts.


Designed by Studio Gorm, Penna is rooted in the principles of American Shaker tradition, a contemporary expression of functional design and understated complexity.  Inspired by these early minimalists, the designers channeled the Shaker ingenuity and aesthetics into modern forms that are subtly beautiful and quietly eye-catching.


Soft, simple and welcoming. Designed by Helsinki-based Harri Koskinen, Chroma is an ensemble of Lounge chairs, tables, and ottomans that blends a modern approach with comforting details.  The result is a compelling, minimalist expression that embraces compositional clarity, a playful palette, and inviting openness.


Designed by Brooklyn-based Standard Issue, Chord tables bring together material compositions that are striking in their simplicity and richness. Chord’s layering of materials and geometries elevates the standard-issue cafe table into a work of functional art with natural pairings of color, texture, and pattern.


The Kino Stool is functional geometry at work. Designed by Milan-based Kensaku Oshiro, Kino brings together simplicity and craft into a familiar sculptural form. Its elemental shapes convey functional clarity while its precise geometry and infinite stackability provoke surprise and delight.

These wonderful, and original products are all available in our shop.  For Wholesale customers considering purchasing furnishings for your café, please contact us for volume discounts.

Living Café Concept Options

For those interested in transforming their own café into a modern paradise for coffee-lovers, we can provide the following 3 programs. Please contact us to schedule a visit at our Roastery and Training Studio to experience these products and discover how setting the right stage can help your café shine.

Single Setting

Create a single setting of chairs, tables, ottomans, and stools. Utilize color and texture with fabric and materials to surprise your customers and provide a unique spot for a micro-break in a busy day.

Lounge Area

Expand the concept of a single setting to a lounge area and invite more customers to relax, work, or meet with others. An entire lounge area will be more transformational, capturing more engagement.

New Café

Break your current café configuration into an entirely new expression, offering more or better ways to enjoy coffee and food. Your current customers will feel excited and rewarded by the improvements, but it will also attract new customers and expand your sales.

Living Café Program Features

Social Media Coverage

We will produce 3 posts on our social media channels advertising your new café and inviting our followers to see the transformation for themselves.

Event Stipend

We will provide product give-aways and coupons to increase your event attendance and expand your customer base.

Free Space Consulting

We will provide free space consulting, including a floor plan, textile selection, and color choices.

Special Furniture Pricing

Memo Furniture is our ‘sister company’, sharing ownership with Fulcrum Coffee.  We can provide special pricing only available for Fulcrum Coffee customers. 

Installation Services

Installing furniture without distributing café hours is critical.  We can assist in making this happen.


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