Vandola Brewing Guide

Coffee: 30g
Grind: Medium coarse (Slightly finer than sea salt)
Water: 480g 91° C / 196° F
Total Brew Time: 5 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 2 cups


1. Using a V60 or Chemex filter, insert the filter into the Vandola and rinse with hot water. Dispose of water.
2. Place 30g ground coffee into the wet filter and tap the sides to even out the bed of grounds.


3. Pour 60g of water and stir to ensure all the grounds are wet.
4. Start your timer and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to de-gas.


5. Pour 180g of water evenly over the coffee. Grab the brewer and swirl the brew lightly once.
6. Pour 240g of water evenly over the coffee. Swirl the brew lightly once more.


7. Let the coffee drain. Drain time should take about 2 minutes.