Vandola Brewing Guide

Coffee: 20g
Grind: Medium fine (like table salt)
Water: 330g 93°C/199°F
Total Brew Time: 2.5 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 1.5 cups


1. Fill the bottom with 330g of water.
2. Secure the filter into the top chamber hooking the chain to the end of the tube. Loosely secure the top portion of the brewer to the bottom preventing a full seal from occuring.
3. Place over the heat source.
4. As the water heats, bubbles will cling to the chain. Secure the top chamber tightly now into the bottom.
5. Wait until the water rises and fills the top chamber with only a very small portion in the bottom. Add your coffee and start the timer.


6. Immediately stir the coffee vigorously for the first 10 seconds. Rest 20 seconds.
7. Stir lightly for 10 seconds. Rest 20 seconds.
8. Repeat step 7 until timer reaches 2 minutes allowing the coffee to brew, then remove from heat.


9. (Optional) Wrap the bottom chamber with a cold, damp towel to speed up the filtering process.
10. Once filtering process is complete, remove the top and serve.