Moka Pot Brewing Guide

Coffee: 18g
Grind: Very fine (slightly coarser than espresso)
Water: 135g 100° C / 212° F
Total Brew Time: 0.75 Minutes
Yieldes appx. .5 cups


1. Fill the bottom half with water till just under the pressure valve. (135g. Filling with preheated water will speed up our brewing)
2. Place 18g of ground coffee into the filter evenly (fill filter completely and level off even if under 18g. do not pack the coffee).
3. Tap the sides of the filter and level out the coffee grounds.
4. Insert the filter and screw on the top half and place on the burner/heat.


5. Pay close attention to the center spout. Once coffee begins to appear start your timer to record brew time. Once the even stream of coffee begins to sputter, pull the pot from the heat and serve/store in another vessel promptly.


6. Measure brew time as the start time when coffee begins to appear and end time when it begins to sputter.