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Smugglers Subscription

Smugglers Subscription

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A rustic, full-bodied blend with cherry, nut, and herbal notes.



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Nicaragua, South America, Indo-Pacific


Nostalgia of Smugglers Blend

Smugglers blend is as classic as the Seattle folk story that inspired its name. It’s a rustic coffee with a slight bite – nostalgic, calling up memories roadside diners (with great coffee) and simpler times. Smugglers benefits from the juicy flavor of a Nicaraguan coffee. Grown in Matagalpa – a tropical region that fosters fruity flavors.

“Pearl of the North”

Matagalpa is called Nicaragua’s “Pearl of the North” and “Land of the Eternal Spring.” They are euphemistic names, shorthand for some poet’s utopia. But there’s something to it: this region is a modern day hot spot for ecotourism – adventure-seekers flock to this region to biplane among dense tropical foliage and snap photos of out-sized flora.

Matagalpa was gold was discovered in 1840, attracting a wave of Europeans. Germans brought coffee seeds and found that the “Land of the Eternal Spring” was ideal for growing the tropical cash crop. The Germans sent back their coffee and soon Nicaragua had a fine reputation in the sidewalk cafes and drawing rooms of Munich.

A word about climate stats: climate is key to Matagalpa’s long-lived and ongoing international appeal. Average temperatures range between 79 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit with 75-85% humidity and 47-75″ annual rainfall. In the coffee growing world, this is perfection. Like a giant terrarium or greenhouse – good for quickly growing fruit.

The coffee here is sweet and bright with cherry, green grape, and maple notes. Citrus coffee that pours red and sets your taste buds on edge. Matagalpa gold for a new era.

Enjoy a cup while reading the mysterious story of D.B. Cooper.


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