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Queen City Subscription

Queen City Subscription

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A bold, smoky blend with cherry, malt and walnut notes.



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Papua New Guinea, Central America, South America


High Quality Papua New Guinea Coffee

Papua New Guinea is a small place that stands outside modern technology – and has benefited in many ways from its size and relative isolation. Though the coffee here accounts for approximately one percent of the global market, the quality is exceptional and the highlands of this region are gaining international attention in the specialty coffee scene.

The mainland country of Papua New Guinea and its accompanying islands are remote enough that it is difficult and expensive to import synthetic fertilizers. The coffee here is almost 100% organic, whether or not it has the organic stamp. It’s a delicious coffee known for its “low key luxuriousness” – a humble but elegant brew. The coffees we feature from this region include Blue Mountain, San Ramon, and Arusha. This blend has a delicate acidity, and a cherry flavor.

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