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Nicaragua El Zapote

Nicaragua El Zapote

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12oz bag, whole bean. Roasted to order.

Bright acidity and medium body, with watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, and peach

We roast our coffee beans every Monday and Wednesday to ship every Wednesday and Friday. 
PLEASE note cut-off time for placing orders will be 10am every Monday for Wednesday shipment, and 10am Wednesday for Friday shipment 
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Luis Alberto Balladarez

Variety: Pacamara
: Nueva Segovia
: 1550 m
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Bright acidity and medium body, with watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, and peach

Roast Level: Light

  • Meet Luis Alberto Balladarez, a distinguished figure in the rich tapestry of northern Nicaraguan coffee farming. Amidst the established millers and exporters in Nueva Segovia's bustling Ocotal city, Luis Alberto's Beneficio Las Segovias emerges as a beacon of distinction, renowned for its unwavering focus on specialty coffees and microlots.

    What sets Luis Alberto apart is not just his ownership of Beneficio Las Segovias but also the meticulous management of several personally owned farms. His success in transforming these plots into coffee havens has garnered trust from fellow farmers, who entrust him with the delicate task of processing their coffees. Luis Alberto's meticulous attention to detail guide each coffee bean's journey, from the nursery to the dry mill.

    Stepping into Beneficio Las Segovias feels like entering a sanctum dedicated to the art of coffee, with Luis Alberto exuding a confidence that is both calming and impressive. The immaculate cupping room, drying patios, and dry mill reflect a commitment to quality control that is paramount at BLS.Every batch of coffee received at the wet mills and dry mill undergoes careful cataloging and tracking, a testament to Luis Alberto's dedication to excellence.

    As Luis Alberto's coffees gain popularity, his dedication to specificity in picking and processing ensures a diverse array of flavor experiences. Embrace the exceptional craftsmanship and unique terroir of Luis Alberto's coffees, where each cup narrates a story of heritage, meticulous care, and a profound connection to the fertile soils of Nicaragua.