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Kalsada Sitio Naguey

Kalsada Sitio Naguey

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12oz bag, whole bean. Roasted to order.

Silky texture with bright and lively citrus fruits and mild floral notes

We roast our coffee beans every Monday and Wednesday to ship every Wednesday and Friday. 
PLEASE note cut-off time for placing orders will be 10am every Monday for Wednesday shipment, and 10am Wednesday for Friday shipment 
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Variety: Typica, Red Bourbon, San Ramon
: Benguet, Philippines
: 1100 m
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Silky texture with bright and lively citrus fruits and mild floral notes

Roast Level: Light


    Naguey was developed alongside the Belis community as a processing mill. Only 800 meters away from Sitio Belis, Naguey is primarily used for naturally processed coffees, necessitating less equipment. The proximity of Belis and Naguey is deceiving as the road between them is difficult with steep inclines, posing a logistical challenge. Despite the distance being less than a kilometer, transportation of goods between the two places becomes cumbersome. By implementing a washing station and permanent drying house in Naguey following partner recommendations, Kalsada has been able to improve their operations and support more farmers. This has allowed them to spend more time harvesting and processing their coffee, ultimately increasing their productivity and quality. The new facilities will have a long-term positive impact on the community, creating opportunities for sustainable growth and development.