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Brazil Safristas

Brazil Safristas

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12oz bag, whole bean. Roasted to order.

Full body and citric acidity with red-fruit notes and a sweet aftertaste

We roast our coffee beans every Monday and Wednesday to ship every Wednesday and Friday. 
PLEASE note cut-off time for placing orders will be 10am every Monday for Wednesday shipment, and 10am Wednesday for Friday shipment 
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Sergio Junquiera Dias

Variety: Yellow Catuai
: Mantiqueira De Minas
: 1100 m
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Full body and citric acidity with red-fruit notes and a sweet aftertaste

Roast Level: Light

  • Canaan Estate is located in Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas region in Brazil. The farm’s attitude is from 900 meters to 1100 meters above sea level. Canaan Estate has been producing coffee since the early 1900.

    Sergio and Anita purchased the 40 hectares property in 2006 from a cousin. Since 2006, many improvements have been made and as a result, Canaan is producing very high end specialty coffees today.The coffee is picked by hand, and sent to the drying patios the same day. After allowing the coffee to dry, rest, and reach 11.5% humidity, they rest in silos for another 15 to 20 days until further processing takes place to get the green coffee ready to export.

    Sergio and Anito put lots of importance on their farmers and workplace. They have 5 full time workers whose families live for free on the land with a school just 500 meters from the farm.