Broadway Blend
Broadway Blend

Berry Fruity, Espresso, Medium, Nutty/Cocoa, Silver Cup

Urban City

Broadway Blend


An aromatic medium-bodied blend with jasmine, hazelnut and nectarine notes

Medium roast

Remarks: We roast our coffee every Monday and Wednesday to ship every Wednesday and Friday. PLEASE note the cut-off time for placing orders will be 10am every Monday for Wednesday shipment, and 10am on Wednesday for Friday shipment


12 oz Whole Bean

Tasting Notes: An aromatic medium-bodied blend with jasmine, hazelnut, and nectarine notes
Producer: Medium
Roast Level: Dark
Origins: Guatemala, South America, Indo-Pacific

Our Broadway Blend

Most major cities have a street named Broadway. It’s usually an art-centric, culturally-diverse hub where people work, live and play – spending their days and nights next to thousands of other people – all with different stories and backgrounds. Diversity. It is the lifeblood that brings a city to life. Broadway blend is a coffee that celebrates diversity with its colorful flavor notes. To read more of our Broadway blend inspired story, click here.

Exquisite Guatemalan Coffee

Exquisite Guatemalan Coffee

Matagalpa was gold was discovered in 1840, attracting a wave of Europeans. Germans brought coffee seeds and found that the “Land of the Eternal Spring” was ideal for growing the tropical cash crop. The Germans sent back their coffee and soon Nicaragua had a fine reputation in the sidewalk cafes and drawing rooms of Munich.

Guatemala produces natural beauty in a seemingly effortless way. It’s a place where southward-marching civilization stopped to set up shop – the Mayans stuck around to build fantastic stone pyramids riddled with hieroglyphics and pictograms that sprawled across their architecture in labyrinthine complexity. Beauty is inherent in all growing things Guatemalan. The coffee from this region has stone fruit, almond, brown sugar, and toffee notes. The high altitude, cold nights and hot days produces a ‘super hard bean’. This sugar density lends to its smoothness. Beautiful coffee from a beautiful country.

Brewing Guide

Adjust your grind to meet the desired time. A finer grind will extend your brew time by causing the water to drain slower. A coarser grind will shorten your brew time.

Dark roast coffee contains more CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) than lighter roasted coffee. This causes the bloom to be larger as the coffee rapidly degasses. We recommend a longer bloom phase (45s-60s).

After the bloom and first pour ends, allow the coffee to drain until around 2-3cm above the coffee bed. With your second and final pour, make sure to knock loose all the ground coffee that has clung to the sides of the filter. These extra instructions help to ensure you have a flat bed of coffee for the water to drain through.

V60 Brewing Guide

Coffee: 25g
Grind: Medium fine (like table salt)
Water: 400g 91° C/ 196° F
Total Brew Time: 3.5 Minutes
Yieldes appx. 1.5 cups


1. Wet the filter in the V60 cone with hot water over a mug or carafe. Dispose of water.
2. Place 25g of ground coffee into the wet filter and tap sides to even out the grounds.


3. Pour 50g of water and stir to ensure all the grounds are wet.
4. Start timer and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to de-gas.


5. Pour 150g of water evenly over the coffee. Grab the base of the brewer and swirl the brew lightly once.
6. Pour 200g of water evenly over the coffee. Swirl the brew lightly once more.


7. Drain time should take about 1-2 min.

Espresso Brewing Guide




22 sec

brewed mass


Notes: Distribute the ground coffee evenly in the portafilter basket. Tamp straight down with approximately 30lbs of pressure leaving a flat and even bed of coffee in the portafilter. Review your brew recipe, pull your shot of espresso. Adjust grind finer/coarser to increase/decrease brew time. Results will vary due to machine/grinder differences. Explore taste results at +/- 3 seconds in relation to the recipe time to find the best taste at home.

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