Our Products

In 2012, we brought together local roasters Urban City and Silver Cup to create a new type of company. It was our vision to develop a better way of roasting the perfect blends for each of our customers.

Our Approach

Coffee is personal. It’s about finding the right roast as well as the right partner. It’s why we encourage folks to experience Fulcrum for themselves – meet our roasters, stay for a cupping and see how we might be able to help.

Our Promise

Whether your interests are in buying, selling or brewing our coffee, your experience should be as effortless as it is enjoyable. We’re always here to listen so that we can best meet your coffee needs.

Each of our roasts is meticulously crafted in the spirit of Seattle’s coffee tradition. We roast all of our coffee locally, creating blends full of warmth and brimming with character – the way it’s been done for over two decades.


A taste of the city from the city that reinvented coffee, straight from the roasters who were there from the start. Since 1993, Urban City has craft-roasted lively blends with an independent spirit to deliver a taste of Seattle culture in every cup.