A smooth, delicate blend with black tea, brown sugar and earthy notes.

Light Roast.

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Wonderland Trail Tree

Wonderland Trail Tree

Wonderland is an ode to Washington’s rugged and wild landscape. This earthy and smooth drinking coffee is perfect for mornings at home or on the trail.

Wonderland is brought to life by a coffee from Honduras – near the Cerro Azul mountains.

In Honduras, the Coco River winds through the Atlantic Basin. It’s a place of exceptional biodiversity— a jungle climate filled with jaguars, turtles, and wild hogs. An area of ample vegetation. Heat, equatorial light, and relatively few humans create an environment where life thrives and takes on bizarre new forms: pink river dolphins, hanging sloths, and every variety of tree frog on the spectrum.

The river flows through southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua before finding an outlet in the Caribbean Sea near the Cerro Azul or Blue Mountains. It’s a lush area, a river basin filled with fog.

Coffee from these foothills is often bold and can take on a nutty flavor of pralines with robust, sweet chocolate undertones. The coffee from these mountains near the Mosquito Coast can have a complex fruity taste, with a juicy acidity.

Technical Footnote

Tasting Notes:  A smooth, delicate blend with black tea, brown sugar and earthy notes
Roast Level: Light
Origins: Honduras, South America, Africa, Indo-Pacific

Wonderland Trail 2 pic

Wonderland Trail 2 pic

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