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A balanced blend with honey, caramel

and fruity notes.

Light Roast.

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Ursa Minor Subscription

Single Product Subscription

Like Brazil, Washingtonians love a good cup of coffee. It’s ingrained in the Seattle culture here—wherever you go someone’s got a 12 oz paper cup, a thermos, or a mug for sipping brew. Ursa Minor is where South American coffee growing traditions meet Pacific Northwest roasting and brewing traditions.

Brazil: a country that grows a third of the world’s coffee, a place that is almost synonymous with coffee production. We chose to mix some Brazilian beans into the Ursa Minor to bring out a soft, nutty flavor. This could become your go-to sipping coffee for all hours of the day.

Brazil is not what you think. A country so large and populous, comprised of so many complimenting and diverging cultures is bound to defy any simple stereotype. Sure, there’s the throbbing samba of Mardi Gras festivities, there’s the bossa nova of The Girl from Ipanema. There are soccer stars that pull in six-figure salaries and are revered as gods.

But there are other things, too. There’s unexplored Brazil, Brazil off the beaten path where modern technology and indigenous culture meet and give rise to novel and curious forms of human expression.

If there’s one thing Brazilians hold in common, it’s an appreciation for coffee. Unlike many coffee exporting countries, Brazil also retains a lot of its caffeinated crop and even imports coffee into the country for popular consumption.

The beans in the Ursa Minor blend typify the best characteristics of Brazilian coffee: soft, nutty, low acidity with a nice bittersweet chocolate taste. You’d expect a fine cup of coffee to come out of this strange and beautiful land of multifaceted culture— and that’s exactly what’s on tap with the Ursa Minor blend.

Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: A balanced blend with honey, caramel and fruity notes
Roast Level: Light
Origins: Brazil, Central America, Indo-Pacific

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