Urban Espresso


A balanced, smooth-bodied blend with roasted nut, chocolate and spicy notes.

Medium Roast.

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Urban Espresso


Urban Espresso is a blend for the urbanites on the move, the workers and makers, the bus riders and bicyclists. The smooth and spicy blend keeps your day rolling. The nutty robust flavor is something you can sip on throughout your day and into the overtime hours when you need to keep your feet moving to get it done.

Urban Espresso gets its life from Mexico. The Chiapas region. The Mexican coffee we add in helps to accentuate the blend’s distinctive nuttiness flavor.

Chiapas, Mexico is on fertile land— pumice-heavy, with ash spilled from a nearby volcano. The distinctive nutty flavor of Chiapas’s coffee comes from both the soil here and the coffee varietals grown, which include Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra, and Maragogype.

Chiapas, Mexico is not what you might expect. The region lies just to the north of Guatemala— it’s a humid, tropical region of former rainforest. It looks like a place off a coffee bag: cloud forests populated by quetzal birds with multicolored plumage. Rainfall here reaches 120 inches a year. Lush. Hot.

The Chiapas coffee mixes into the Urban Espresso blend nicely, bringing a balanced, smooth body with roasted nut, chocolate, and spicy notes. We chose to treat this coffee to a medium roast, making for the sort of pleasing cup you’d want to sip on round the clock.

The Urban Espresso blend also includes coffees from origins in South America, East Africa and Mexico.

Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: A balanced, smooth-bodied blend with roasted nut, chocolate and spicy notes
Roast Level: Medium
Origins: Mexico, Central America, Africa

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