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Syrupy body with chocolate, lemon zest, and green apple notes.

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Nicaragua Unión Cooperativas Subscription

Single Product Subscription

In equatorial Nicaragua day and night have a rhythmic cadence. The daylight hours are the same year round. On the far eastern slopes of this mountainous country the weather can fluctuate wildly depending on the temperamental Atlantic Ocean.

Guillermo squats, cupping a sample batch of coffee from his farm. He tastes the dry season. He tastes rainfall dropped from the cusp of a hurricane. The squall blew close to the edge of his farm, scattering branches and threatening to strip the crop from the fields.

The patterns of wet and dry, the elements of the soil are manifested in the flavors on his tongue, the liquid between his gold teeth. His coffee is an almanac.

In the coffee world we call this place-dirt-taste terroir. The terroir is the flavor of the land, inherent in the composition of the bean. We love the terroir of Union Cooperatives coffee, the rich and fruity brew with chocolate, lemon zest, and green apple notes. The weather here conspires to create palette-grabbing tropical flavors.

Technical Footnote

Producer: Union Cooperatives
Taste notes:
Syrupy body with chocolate, lemon zest, and green apple notes 
San Juan del Río Coco, Nicaragua
900-1,200 MASL

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