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A complex, smooth-bodied blend with honey, apricot and apple notes.

Dark Roast.

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Sunset Subscription

Single Product Subscription

Like the city of Seattle, Sunset comes alive after things get dark. We roast this complex, smooth-bodied blend on the dark side to bring out a little smokiness reminiscent of a fine bourbon – perfect for sipping over a conversation in a dimly-lit gathering place.

A complex Ugandan coffee shines in this dark roasted blend.

Cooperative coffee farmers in southern Uganda watch shifting patterns of rainfall and drought. They have a department dedicated to climate change, an office with binders full of compiled information. Analytics. Spreadsheets. The Climate Change Department workers collect extensive data on crop performance. They try new forms of cultivars and implement organic practices.

The Kasese Region of Uganda is the gateway to Queen Elizabeth National Park— a biodiverse grassland of lions, giraffes, megafauna. Crop trouble in Kassese indicates that other species in the region have an imperiled future.

The farmers of Bukonzo Joint in Kassese employ their organic practices as a way to avoid soil degradation and retain all available moisture. They are doing their part to adapt to the shifting patterns of increasingly dry weather. Moreover, their coffee exceeds “mere survival”— its flavor excels with its natural processing and lovely citrus flavors with apricot and apple notes.

We apply a dark roast to the blend to bring out a smokiness to the drink and an extra body in the Bukonzo beans. The farmers of Bukonzo Joint are intently tuned into their surroundings, cultivating a mellow coffee that’s a welcome addition to most any blend. We feel it works especially well with this one.

A coffee that beats the odds.

Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: A complex, smooth-bodied blend with honey, apricot, and apple notes
Roast Level: Dark
Origins: Uganda, North America, Central America, Africa

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