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A rich, balanced blend with caramel,

chocolate and citrus notes.

Medium Roast.

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Southpaw Subscription

Single Product Subscription

Southpaw is one of the first blends that Silver Cup Coffee developed over twenty years ago. It has gone through several renditions, claimed a couple titles along the way and has always kept its balance  – unlike Kurt Cobain’s notoriously front-heavy offset Fender Mustang.

Southpaw is an icon – with great balance and a delightful Colombian coffee in its mix.

Monserrate, a conical mountain peak, is an integral fixture in the skyline of Bogota, Colombia. On summer solstice the sun rises directly above Monserrat, fully illuminating the city on the longest day of the year.

The people of Colombia are attuned to nature and harness its patterns to cultivate their crop. Since its introduction here the coffee bean has taken off— it’s a plant ideally suited to grow in these equatorial mountains. Coffee is Colombia and Colombia is coffee. For many global consumers, the very picture of coffee farmers is a stylized man in indigenous Colombian garb.

Colombian coffee. So good. A rich, balanced blend with caramel, chocolate, and citrus notes brought out by a medium roast.

The Bourbon, Caturra, and other coffee varietals produced from the cooperative add citrus to the chocolate flavor, creating a unique sweetness. The result is a beverage that’s representative of the region yet still exceeds expectations of “typical” Colombian coffee.

The Southpaw blend also includes coffees from Central America, Indonesia, East Africa, and South America.

Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: A rich, balanced blend with caramel, chocolate and citrus notes
Roast Level: Medium
Origins: Colombia, Central America, South America, Africa, Indo-Pacifc

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