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Rwanda Sholi


Bright and juicy with fruit punch, raisin, and cranberry notes

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Rwanda Sholi

Africa & Arabia

Sholi (”Abateraninkunga ba Sholi”) Cooperative, meaning “Mutual Assistance,” is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda. Established in 2008, Sholi has been producing coffee for nearly a decade, and the cooperative’s name speaks to its members working together to improve both their coffee and the greater community.

Nearly half of Sholi’s 386 members are women, including two of the five board members. In 2016, Sholi received a grant to build both a community center and regional health center to serve members and local residents. Sholi has also continued to invest in its long-term agriculture, planting about 450,000 trees by the end of 2017.

Coffee processing at Sholi is similar to other coffee cooperatives in Rwanda. After coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, the coffee is pulped and dry-fermented for 18-24 hours, then rinsed clean.

Sholi coffees have some of the deepest citrus acidity from the great lakes countries, shining with ruby red grapefruit and juicy blood orange which transforms into fruit punch notes.

Technical Footnote

Producer: Sholi Cooperative
Taste Notes:
Bright and juicy with fruit punch, cranberry, and raisin notes
Process: Washed
Region: Southern Province, Rwanda
Altitude: 1,800-2,000 MASL
Variety: Bourbon

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