Pike Street


An aromatic, smoky blend with pepper, fruit and dark chocolate notes.

Dark Roast.

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Pike Street


Chocolate and coffee. What a team. Both begin as tropical beans, both are roasted, and both contain caffeine. A coffee with chocolate notes is pleasing to the pallet. It’s familiar. It’s meant to be. Like the famous market that inspired the name, this bend offers a pleasant aroma and loads of flavor.

Pike Street gets its iconic flavor from a coffee sourced from the Mantiqueira de Minas region in Southeastern Brazil. It helps bring out nice bittersweet chocolate notes in the blend.

At one time, the Coffee Kings of Brazil ruled all. They were big plantation owners, monarchs of estates blessed by the government to exercise a nearly complete monopoly over the global coffee market.

Coffee and politics were so entwined that an entire era of Brazilian government is referred to as the Café con Leite— or “coffee with milk” referring to the country’s twin exports: java and dairy.

Brazil knows coffee. They “got it” almost immediately after introduction—production ramped up quickly and now it’s integral to their economy.

Good coffee still comes from Brazil: soft, nutty coffee with a low acidity with a nice bittersweet chocolate taste. It’s a coffee that the locals still drink with milk.

 Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: An aromatic medium-bodied blend with jasmine, hazelnut, and nectarine notes
Roast Level: Dark
Origins: Brazil, Central America, South America

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