Fulcrum Coffee

Myanmar Green Land Estate


Fruity and light with honey, cinnamon, apple, and almond notes.

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Myanmar Green Land Estate

Fulcrum Coffee

Single Origin Coffee

People who work in coffee know that Myanmar is “having a moment.”

True enough. But the fact is that Myanmar has always grown exceptional coffee. In the 1700s Burma (as it was formerly known) was the richest country in the world, a mystical region of lush natural beauty. The landscape was ideal for growing Arabica beans, and the culture was ripe for practicing cultivation.

In recent history, decades of war have crippled the country. But now the violence is easing and the global specialty coffee market has its eye on this Southeast Asian gem. Farms in the Burmese countryside typically produce lower yields, increasing demand for this desirable coffee.

Green Land Estate, established in 1999, carries on the old traditions, producing fruit for the thirsty new market.  Farmer Wan Maing started with 30 acres. With access to selling to the outside world he has expanded to 430 acres today.

We love Green Land Estate coffee for its tropical, fruity notes, like mango, blackberry, and lime. It’s mild and mellow, like black tea, easy on the palette. If Myanmar is “having a moment” we want to be a part of it, supporting the farmers who have for so long toiled in obscurity.

Technical Footnote

Producer: Wan Maing
Taste notes: Fruity and light with honey, cinnamon, apple, and almond notes
Process: Washed and Natural
Region: Green Land Estate, Mandalay, Myanmar
Altitude: 1,750 MASL

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