Fulcrum Coffee



Medium Body, Mild, Walnut, Grape, Chocolate

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Fulcrum Coffee

Because of its low height and agricultural efficiency which produce higher yields, the Milenio variety is very beneficial for farmers who have smaller parcels of land. The coffee it produces is considered a specialty coffee and scores high results in cup quality, so they are able to sell it at a higher price. To make it even better, this F1 hybrid is resistant to La Roya (extremely harmful plant rust), and other common plant diseases.

In the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the Chacón Solano family’s mill is one of the most well-known in the country for their innovative and environment-conscious approach to coffee farming and processing. These third-generation coffee producers have decided to plant more of this hybrid due to its benefits and continue to recommend it to other producers.


Technical Footnote

Producer: The Chacón Solano Family, at Las Lajas
Taste Notes:
Medium Body, Mild, Walnut, Grape, Chocolate
Process: Black Honey
Region: Central Valley, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1,450 MASL
Variety: Milenium, F1 Hybrid

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