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Rich and complex with milk chocolate, spices, vanilla and citrus notes.

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Costa Rica Mami Giselle Subscription

Single Product Subscription

Mami Giselle had a sputtering chest freezer that was slowly dying. She put ice cream in it. She dreamed of buying land. She wanted to open a small farm.

She sold ice cream to her neighbors. Her treats were a hit. She opened a roadside stand. Passersby on the busy path bankrolled her dreams one scoop at a time. Mami was a shrewd investor, socking away colones—first in small denominations, then bigger.

It’s a familiar story. Call it financial stewardship, or simply the hustle. The ability to turn something small into something big through relentless effort.

Mami Giselle bought a farm for her family in Monte Copey. It was a coffee plantation that produced baskets of Bourbon and Caturra. The flavor of these beans was syrupy and lemony with raisin, red berry, and cocoa powder notes.

We like her coffee. We applaud her ability to make something so nice out of an idle daydream and a tired Frigidaire.

Years after founding the startup dessert business Mami Giselle has unplugged her freezer. Her family had land. Her reality was built on a dream of coffee.

Technical Footnote

Producer: La Familia Navarro
Taste Notes: Rich and complex with milk chocolate, spices, vanilla and citrus notes
Process: Natural
Region: Monte Copey, Tarrazú, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1,700 MASL

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