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Kenya Othaya Farmers Cooperative


Silky and sweet with green melon, Meyer lemon, lime, and jasmine notes

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Kenya Othaya Farmers Cooperative

Africa & Arabia

Single Origin Coffee from the Nyeri County of Keyna

Mount Kenya is an ecologically dynamic place, home to eight different types of forests and swaths of u-shaped valleys carved by glaciers. The inclines and valleys in this stretch of the African interior are covered with bamboo, Afro-alpine scrub, and moorland.

And coffee trees.

The Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society Limited (OFCSL) calls this area home. The OFCSL is a group of mostly female coffee farmers living in Nyeri County, in the shadow of Mt. Kenya.

Their collective, established in the improbably early year of 1956, is composed of 15,000 members and 19 wet mills. They are a progressive society dedicated to educating themselves about best farming practices and harnessing the temperamental weather of Mt. Kenya for their crops.

The cooperative uses profits from their coffee sales to help pay for collective medical expenses. An NGO called TREE works in conjunction with Dr. Michael Chung at Aga Khan University to provide preventive healthcare for the women of OFCSL.

Last year, Blas visited the Othaya Farm and stayed with Dr. Chung, a former Global Health professor at University of Washington. During his stay at Dr. Chung’s home, the two spent the mornings sample-roasting fresh Kenyan coffees together, and bonding over their love for coffee and Seattle.

This coffee has subtle sweetness of tomatoes and bright lime-like acidity, leading smoothly into a pleasant green melon finish. It’s a classic introduction to many single origin coffees from Kenya. In fact, it’s a classic introduction to many single origin coffees. It yields an easily-drinkable and likable cup that will open one’s eyes into the world of light roast coffee, if not yet already familiar.

We are excited to introduce this Co-op’s coffee to Seattle and beyond.


Technical Footnote

Producer: Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society
Taste notes: Silky and sweet with green melon, Meyer lemon, lime, and jasmine notes
Process: Washed
Region: Nyeri, Keyna
Altitude: 1,830-1,950 MASL

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