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Kenya Gakurari


Luscious and juicy with sweet tangerine, caramel, and plum notes

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Kenya Gakurari

Africa & Arabia

Due to its rich volcanic soils in the highlands, Kenya offers some of the world’s most aromatic and bright coffees, known for their ‘zaps’ and ‘pops’ in flavor, like fresh fruit juice.

The Gakurari Factory employees are extraordinarily meticulous about processing their coffees delivered by the Gatunyo-Kigio Farmers Society. Their hard work goes to revealing the coffee’s inherent flavors that are sweet, complex, and unique to this region’s terroir. With its luscious body, Gakurari is complemented with sweet tangerine, caramel, and plum notes.

In 2018, Chelsea Walker-Watson (Atlas Coffee Importers) placed in the U.S. Brewer’s Cup Finals by showcasing the excellent quality of this
coffee and crediting the producers’ attention to detail.

As always, a portion of our Kenyan coffee funds the mobile health clinics operated by Aga Khan University Hospital and University of Washington’s TREE program, providing cervical cancer screenings to the women coffee producers. Learn more at:

Technical Footnote

Producer: Gatunyo-Kigio Farmers Cooperative Society
Taste Notes: 
Luscious and juicy with sweet tangerine, caramel, and plum notes
Process: Washed & Dried on Raised Beds
Region: Muran’ga County, Kenya
Altitude: 1,650 MASL
Variety: SL 28 & 34

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