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Dem. Republic of Congo Kawa Maber Subscription

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Soft and lightly sweet with lemon, red berry, spice, and green apple notes.

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Dem. Republic of Congo Kawa Maber Subscription

Single Product Subscription

What do the Pacific Northwest and the Democratic Republic of Congo have in common? Not much at first glance.

Look closer. Both are mountainous regions with lush rain forests. Both have an appreciation for coffee; the drink is integral to their respective cultures.

Growers in Kawa Maber sit at a wooden table and cup coffee from their farms. They wear bright shirts and sample Oregon blueberries from an aluminum can. They have been told that some of their coffee has blueberry notes, but they have never tasted blueberries until now. To them it is exotic fruit. There is no easy analog that they can readily compare it to.

They are learning how their coffee is marketed globally, how to identify the characteristics that specialty buyers value in their product. They are discussing what they like about their coffee— a soft and lightly sweet brew with lemon, berry, spice, and green apple notes.

Kawa Maber means “good coffee.” This is the guiding ideal of these farmers in the lush rain forests of Africa. Good coffee. That’s something we celebrate, too.

Technical Footnote

Producer: Kawa Maber Cooperative; [kəwə meɪbər]
Taste Notes: 
Soft and lightly sweet with lemon, red berry, spice, and green apple notes
Process: Washed
Region: Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
Altitude: 1,750 MASL

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