Fulcrum Coffee

Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Association


Sweet and light with cranberry, mandarin orange, honey and root beer notes.

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Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Association

Fulcrum Coffee

Single Origin Coffee from Rwanda

Rwanda. “The land of a thousand hills.” A place that looks, from the air, like a giant sheet of crumpled green tissue paper. Valleys and canyons are shaded, hillsides bask in highlighted emerald.

Not far from here Hemingway was inspired to write Green Hills of Africa. The landscape spoke to him as a novelist, a poet, a world traveler. Rwanda is an exceptionally beautiful place by anyone’s standards.

Over 80 percent of the people living in Rwanda are involved with agriculture. How do you pick that one verdant, rolling hill out of thousands—the one place or farm that grows the perfect coffee?

The answer is that there is no wrong answer. Instead, we chose a coffee that we thought stood out. What also captivated us is that this is a wholly owned women cooperative, a progressive organization in which all contributing farmers profit.

The Hingakawa Women’s Association, a co-op in the Rushashi District, produces a bean that is sweet and jammy. It smacks of mandarin oranges, honey. A medium roast brings out a flavor like root beer.

This is a very fine coffee from a region of fine coffee: the needle in a haystack.

Technical Footnote

Producer: Hingakawa Women’s Association, Abakundakawa Coop; [hɪŋ ka gəwə]
Taste Notes: Sweet and light with cranberry, mandarin orange, honey and root beer notes
Region: Gakenke, Rwanda
Altitude: 1,750 – 1,900 MASL

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