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Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper

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Fast and precise extraction thanks to the ridges along the cone wall. Recommended for creating flavorful, medium-bodied coffee.

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  • Filters: Hario V60 Misarashi Coffee Paper Filter (Size 02, White/Natural)
  • Capacity: 4 cups (20 oz.)
  • Material: Heat-proof glassware with high heat retention, plastic handle
  • Optional: Hario V60 02 Range Server
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For use with Ranger


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Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper

Accessories + Art

The Hario V60 works with fine paper filters that allow oils to pass through while blocking coffee grounds and sediments. The inner ridges help water pass through the coffee evenly, speeding up brewing time. This device works best with a gooseneck kettle, as it gives you more control over the extraction process.

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