Curated Subscription

Espresso Subscription

From: $13.00 / month

A selection of different espresso-friendly coffees.

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  • Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.
  • A curated selection from all of Fulcrum’s coffees.
  • Can be ordered at different frequencies.
  • If you order more than 1 bag for this subscription, you will get multiple bags of the same coffee for each delivery.


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Espresso Subscription

Curated Subscription

Espresso is a highly-refined practice, one that requires a specific set of timing, portions, and mechanical know-how. It’s an art. These are coffees that work great for home espresso machines—hand-selected because, when roasted just right, they translate into perfect shots.

Seattle is the Mecca of espresso, a place that saw the renaissance of the art of the brew. This is our local art and craft and we’re happy to share these coffees with you.

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