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Burundi COCOCA Dusangirijambo Co-op


Juicy and bright with blackberry, mango, lime and black tea notes.

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Burundi COCOCA Dusangirijambo Co-op

Africa & Arabia

Single Origin Coffee from Kayanza, Burundi

That Burundi beat. It’s a syncopated rhythm thudded out on drums carved from hollow tree trunks. It’s been coopted, MIDI’d by modern electronic musicians and now blares from the subwoofers and PAs of nightclubs and discos across the Western Hemisphere.

The music of Burundi comes from the land. Indigenous instrumentation: flutes made from the stems of plants, horns fashioned from the literal horns of antelopes. The people of Burundi are born musicians and they have songs for everything in their ambiance— songs for singing as they go through the coffee fields, sometimes balancing earthen pots on their heads. Songs are the names of animals and plants, and songs are the way of thinking about things.

Song covers the coffee.

That Burundi coffee: juicy and bright with mango, blackberry, lime and black teas notes. It’s a coffee that has great qualities, even as it’s hard to access. Desirable and elusive.

Burundi is making headway into the global market and their coffee has all the trademarks of this remarkable people: body and soul. A distinct “Burundi-ness” that you must experience to have an appreciation for. It’s something to feel.

Technical Footnote

Producer: COCOCA Dusangirijambo Cooperative; [kokoka düsang jiri jambo]
Taste notes: Juicy and bright with blackberry, mango, lime and black tea notes
Process: Washed
Region: Maruri Washing Station, Kayanza, Burundi
Altitude: 1,750 MASL

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