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China Menglian Daya


Balanced and sweet with honey, berry, and black tea notes.

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China Menglian Daya

Africa & Arabia

With its gentle balance of honey, berry, and black tea notes, our China Menglian Daya coffee is a graceful gift from the snow-capped mountains of Yunnan, in China’s far southwest.

You’ll undoubtedly detect a soft aroma of tea. For us, this conjures the rich history of the region — the birthplace of tea, and home to the world’s oldest cultivated tea tree, which still thrives today.

Perhaps it’s the magic of the clear mountain water and a cooler climate that gives this coffee its unique flavor. Or its growth within a region blanketed in dense subtropical forests and the largest diversity of plant life in China.

One thing is clear: We think China Menglian Daya delivers the deep, vibrant tradition of this diverse landscape and its people to the modern-day coffee lover.

“Health, ecology, and safety”

Grower Xiong Xiaoping cultivates his beans in the rich, red soil of Habuke Mountain, the watershed of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Self-employed since 2009, he established his business in a small village within Mengma Town, and today owns three coffee mills that support 260 families in that village.

His guiding principles of “health, ecology, and safety” and commitment to “daya” (“well-being”) clearly fuel his approach to everything from coffee cultivation to processing and operations. His commitment to the region and its people — and to a delicious cup of coffee — inspires us to share China Menglian Daya with you.


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