An aromatic medium-bodied blend with jasmine, hazelnut and nectarine notes.

Dark Roast.

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Net Coffee Weight: 12 oz.

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Featured coffee bean origin: Guatemala

Most major cities have a street named Broadway. It’s usually an art-centric, culturally-diverse hub where people work, live and play – spending their days and nights next to thousands of other people – all with different stories and backgrounds. Diversity. It is the lifeblood that brings a city to life. Broadway blend is a coffee that celebrates diversity with its colorful flavor notes.

Broadway sings with an exquisite Guatemalan coffee in the blend. The beans are hard due to being grown at high altitudes. This lends itself to a blend with a smooth drinking profile.

Guatemalan quetzals, blue-green birds, chirp-sing in cloud forests. Quetzals at one time were associated with not only the king but the gods themselves. Their regal plumage adorned headdresses of yore and were used as currency. Tail feathers from this exotic avian could buy gold. Now the birds adorn the country’s coinage, stamped into the public consciousness.

Guatemala produces natural beauty with seemingly effortless way. It’s a place where southward-marching civilization stopped to set up shop— the Mayans stuck around to build fantastic stone pyramids riddled with hieroglyphics and pictograms that sprawled across their architecture in labyrinthine complexity.

Beauty is inherent in all growing things Guatemalan. The coffee from this region has stone fruit, almond, brown sugar, and toffee notes. High altitude, with cold nights and hot days, produces a ‘super hard bean’ and this sugar density lends to its smoothness.

Beautiful coffee from a beautiful country.

Technical Footnote

Taste Notes: An aromatic medium-bodied blend with jasmine, hazelnut and nectarine notes
Roast Level: Medium
Origins: Guatemala, South America, Indo-Pacific

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