Vandola Brew Guide

Blue brown vandola
  • Coffee: 30g
  • Grind Size: Medium coarse (between table salt and sea salt)
  • Water: 480g. 91°C/195°F
  • Total Brew Time: 5 Minutes
  • Yields appx. 2 cups
Use either Chemex or V60 filter.
Start timer right after the initial pour.
Check time when draining is complete.

For best results, preheat the Vandola with hot water for at least 3 minutes before you start.


  1. Wet filter in the cone of the vandola with hot water. Dispose of water.
  2. Place 30g ground coffee into the wet filter.
  3. Tap the side to even out the bed of coffee grounds. Zero out the scale.


  1. Pour 60g water in a circular motion to evenly wet coffee evenly.
  2. Start timer, then wait 30 seconds for coffee to de-gas.


  1. Pour 160g of water in a circular motion over the next 20 seconds.
  2. Intermittently pour the rest of the water to maintain a staedy water surface level.


  1. Let drain entirely.

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