We Are Fulcrum

We’re proud to support a community of entrepreneurs through storytelling, education, art, and coffee. Our goal is to create a better way of sourcing and roasting to achieve the perfect blend for every customer. We’d love for you to meet our roasters, stay for a cupping, and see how we might be able to help.

Blas Alfaro Partner & Senior Vice President

As a fifth-generation Costa Rican coffee farmer, Blas knows how much work goes into every cup of coffee. That’s why he treats each bean with respect. An SCAA Licensed Q Grader since 2010, he’s constantly learning and honing his unique coffee sensibilities. He oversees Fulcrum’s training program, sharing his knowledge of coffee roasting and tasting. Blas travels often, hand-selecting the world’s best beans, building lasting relationships with farmers, and helping them implement sustainable practices.

Roasting Process

We appreciate the power of a good story. When we roast coffee, we’re not only developing and extracting flavors – we’re bringing the stories of farms and families to life. To ensure quality, all roasting is personally overseen by Blas Alfaro. 

Brian JurusPartner

Brian has always kept an eye out for opportunities. When he was 18, he used money he’d saved from construction jobs to buy a small coffee shop. Five years later, in 1998, Brian founded Urban City along with his wife Errah. In 2012, he jumped at the chance to join forces with another Seattle-area coffee company, Silver Cup, and become a partner in Fulcrum. Brian has a passion for supporting and educating other entrepreneurs and continuing his own lifelong coffee education.


We regularly host cuppings for our staff, Seattle-area roasters, and various coffee institutions. Cuppings let us fully experience aromas and flavors, maintain the profiles of our blends, and select new single origin offerings. More importantly, they allow us to give feedback to help farmers develop and improve their coffees.

Blas, Bobby cupping
Lee enjoys his Coffee latte
Lee Falck Partner

Lee co-founded Fulcrum in 2012, bringing together independent Seattle roasters Silver Cup and Urban City. An entrepreneur himself, Lee’s goal for the company was to find unique ways to support coffee entrepreneurs and develop meaningful relationships with coffee farmers. He spearheads Fulcrum’s creative approach, focusing on education via storytelling, art, and spaces, all the while drawing inspiration from the customers he serves.

Our Services

We are here to help you find the perfect coffee. But we can provide more than just coffee. In fact, we offer everything you need to run a successful café. It’s all available via a simple, easy-to-use ordering app, from cups and lids, chocolates and syrups, espresso machines and grinders, and more. We also offer training on barista fundamentals and equipment maintenance. We can even help you create menus and pricing plans. To learn more, click the links under WHOLESALE at the bottom of the page.

Dana poring beans
Bobby Holt Partner

Coffee plays a number of important roles in Bobby’s life. Whether connecting with an old friend or getting to know a new one, the Fulcrum co-founder finds that the conversation often turns to coffee and each person’s relationship with it. Bobby’s goal for Fulcrum is to do something special in a crowded market. To that end, he continues to learn all he can from the Fulcrum team, industry veterans, and his customers.