Fulcrum Coffee X tokyobike


Our recent partnership with the Los Angeles-based company, tokyobike is a union of everything we value at Fulcrum Coffee: simple, beautiful, functional design; hard-working people, and creative collaborations.

In co-designing a bicycle with tokyobike, we started with their Classic Sport design and modified it to work for a Seattle lifestyle. The 8-speed gearing makes the bike nimble on our steep, busy city streets. The custom front porteur rack helps carry the load whether you’re commuting or grocery shopping– just bungee down a laptop or six-pack. We also added fenders to contend with our rainy weather. And of course, a coffee holder because we’re coffee people.

The bike’s visual details were designed by Mark Beard for Fulcrum coffee. A Seattle local, Mark pulled in elements that celebrate his city. Details like, the Fulcrum brand pattern expressed in grey atop a white frame which invokes a sense of clouds, mountains, and forest. The front porteur rack has an engraved birch base which adds a natural feel– signaling back to the rich logging history of the Pacific Northwest. The Brooks leather saddle adds a final touch of sophistication and a comfortable ride.

Of the collaboration, our Marketing & Creative Manager Stacy Kim says, “at Fulcrum Coffee, we’re drawn to beautiful objects — and the people driven by their passions to create them. We think tokyobike has all of these qualities and more. The bicycles are simple, minimal, thoughtfully designed. Its people are wonderfully attentive, inventive collaborators and curators of beautiful experiences. They’re unyielding in their commitment to shape, balance, delight, and design simplicity. We’re grateful for how they inspire us in our own search for sourcing and roasting our coffees.”

We have a minimal supply of these limited-edition bikes, and they’re available in a small (53 cm), medium (57 cm), and large (61 cm) frames. You can purchase the bike online here (free shipping), or see it in person at our new cafe located at 590 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121

Beyond the bicycle:

Our collaboration with tokyobike also led to the creation of an original origami poster by one of our designers, Mark Beard. You can see this work, here.

Special thanks to:

Juliana Rudell Di Simone, tokyobike.us

Mark Beard, thisisnotapipe Design Solutions

Gary Cruce, Memo Furniture

Dave Simon, Memo Furniture

Ed Orner, Memo Furniture

Sam Rosenberg, Memo Furniture

Felix Madrid, Two Beers Brewing Company

Dan Armerding, Two Beers Brewing Company

Adam Wells, Adam Wells Photography

Jeff Crawford, Bigtop Studio

Rex Perrin, Mukilteo Powder Coating, Inc.